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Tequila & Mezcal Flights


Mezcal Carreno Flight

Tastes of Mexico's most cherished and misunderstood spirit. Mezcal Carreno is brought to us from an Arizona Local featuring 3 different varietals of agave each with a unique flavor that everyone can enjoy.

An agave from the Karwinskii family that's easily identified by long stocks and vertical pinas. The tobasiche creates earth rich tones with a sweet papaya finish. On average growing 12 - 14 years before reaching maturity to harvest. Tasting notes: cedar, papaya, root

One of the scarcer varietals, the tepeztate grows in rocky areas and on steep cliffsides. Provides a full bodied and earthy characteristics. On average growing 20 - 25 years before reach maturity to harvest. Tasting notes: Jalapeno, rich minerality, cooked agave

Ensamble 7
A one-of-a-kind blend of 7 wild agaves, representative of the 7 Carreno sisters. Equal amounts of tobala, tobasiche, tepeztate, cuishe, lumbre, coyote, and espadin agaves are roasted. tohona mashed, fermented and distilled together. Tasting notes: balanced, pineapple, complex

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