Join us September 23rd @ 6:30 PM for bites & flights! Please call for reservations at 520-867-4134

$25 per person plus tax and gratuity

Celebrate the world of agave spirits with the screening of Agave: The Spirit of a Nation the award winning documentary. The film showcases the passion & soul of the most beautiful alcohol spirits in the world, Mezcal & Tequila. You are taken on a journey to the world's most bio-diverse landscape of the agave plant, Mexico; where families have been passing down the tradition of distilling agave for generations. Mezcal is the oldest spirit in the Americas being created 500+ years ago.

You'll get an inside look at the family's that produce their spirits in the mountains of Oaxaca to the highlands of Jalisco. Graciela Angeles Carreño, Aquilino García López & Carlos Camarena each tell a story of back breaking work, sacrifice and hope. Discover how agaves are reshaping the world's of the Mexican people and beyond.